A Little About Us & What We Do

Formerly Streamline Designers established in 2004, Russell Architect has grown to a full-service Winnipeg based architectural firm, continuing to provide professional service that clients have appreciated since day one. We are grateful for the opportunities and experiences our clients have given us. The firm is proud to demonstrate how these experiences have generated a wealth of knowledge that drives every one of our projects. Let our experience benefit your project.


When looking at the firm’s past, it becomes apparent where Russell Architect fits into the design and architecture industry. Russell Architect practices a pragmatic approach to all projects, without compromising design. Simply put, design solutions we utilize are practical, make sense and work. Russell Architect has made a commitment to focus on projects where our experience and knowledge will ensure continued success for all stakeholders. It is commonly known that it's better to be an expert at something rather than good at many things. This insight, awareness and commitment help to inform our ideals, principles and value system which is open, transparent and honest.


The types of projects that we excel in include;

Apartment Buildings


Multi-Family Residential



Chain Stores

Community Centres


Strip Malls




Residential Development

Commercial Retail Units (CRU's)
Fit Ups
Box Stores
Rural Agriculture
Projects in Northern Canada

Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Use our website for insight into our past experience, projects and expertise or contact us info@russellarchitect.com. We're looking forward to working with you.


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